How To Earn CPD Points?
By July 13, 2021 12:23

How To Earn CPD Points?

Every healthcare professional in South Africa is well aware of the dynamics and the importance of the CPD system. It helps the professionals to stay ahead and improve their knowledge, competence, skills, income, and position in their field. Before we delve deeper into how to earn CPD points, let us first answer:

What Is CPD?

The CPD system was introduced in South Africa by the Health Professions Council of SA. The CPD or Continuing Professional Development system was introduced to ensure that healthcare professionals continue to upgrade their knowledge, skills, training, and ethical attitudes necessary to remain competitive in an ever-evolving medical field.

The standards of medical and healthcare practices continue to grow with time. The CPD system ensures that healthcare professionals are in tune with the new standards, ensuring measurable benefits in terms of professional practice and service and renewed professional integrity. It results in better service imparted to the patient and better healthcare standards overall.

How Many CPD Points Should You Earn?

Depending on their profession, every health professional in South Africa needs to earn 15 or 30 Continuing Education Units (CEU) every 12 months, and 3 or 5 units are accredited to ethics, medical law, and human rights. Every CEU equals CPD point.

Every CEU or CPD Point earned remains valid for a 24 month period, after which it expires. Healthcare professionals need to earn 60 CPD points every 24 months. Without the required CPD points, the healthcare practitioner is open to a CPD audit, after which the Professional Board may consider or take appropriate action.

This brings us to the real question, which is –

How To Earn CPD Points?

Conventionally, to earn CPD points, healthcare professionals and practitioners have to visit medical events, including conferences, seminars, training, and other such professional events. It requires healthcare practitioners to close their practice early, sometimes travel long hours to the event, and can spend an entire day or evening earning a mere 2-3 CPD points. It can be time consuming – not to mention that it can be physically exhausting.

Thankfully, the medical and healthcare field has been technologically transformed over the years. Today, you can earn CPD points online from the comfort of your home or practice. All you need to do is register on our website at and choose from various courses or online webinars and events to attend. It will help develop your skills and update your knowledge about Pain Management while ensuring that you continue to acquire CPD points.

Pain Management is one of the important elements of the medical and healthcare field. If your medical and healthcare practice includes pain management, becoming a member of would be helpful. PainSA is associated with the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). The organization hosts a wide array of articles, journals, news, guidelines, and even newsletters related to pain management. Such information is crucial for healthcare practitioners to stay updated with the latest events, guidelines, and news from the Pain Management space. also hosts CPD accredited and non-CPD accredited national and international events/webinars on Pain Management. It offers the perfect opportunity for medical practitioners to earn CPD points while leveling up their knowledge, skills, and understanding of Pain Management. So, become a member today to better your knowledge of pain management while earning required CPD points to stay valid as a practitioner in South Africa.

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By July 13, 2021 12:23

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