The Latest on COVID-19 and Pain – Free Registration
By May 14, 2021 13:34

The Latest on COVID-19 and Pain – Free Registration

IASP Virtual Education Events: Elevating Healthcare Professionals and Available Resources — The Latest on COVID-19 and Pain
Starting Next Week!
Discover the Latest on COVID-19 and Pain
Join 400+ pain professionals worldwide for a free, nine-session course on COVID-19 and pain. Explore various aspects of COVID-19 from the healthcare provider’s role, review current science on management, and understand the patient’s journey and their decisions in self-management.
25.5 CE/CME credits will be available.
Session schedule
Acute and Early Post-Acute Pain Syndromes in COVID-19 Patients — A Collaboration of Current Evidence
10:00-11:30 ET
 Moderator: Ian Gilron; Speakers: Abrahão Baptista
Maintaining a Pain Management Regime with Managing COVID-19
11:45–13:15 ET
 Speakers: Sheren Gaulbert, Katie Knapton, Andrea Furlan, Marta Imamura
The Pandemic and its Longer-Term Impact on Chronic Pain Management
13:30–15:00 ET
 Moderator: Tonya Palermo; Speakers: Kai Karos, Valerie Hruschak, Melanie Noel
Long COVID — Understanding the Patient Journey and Optimizing Treatment of Pain
10:00-11:30 ET
 Moderator: Hance Clarke; Speakers: Daniel Ciampi, César Fernández-de-las-Peñas
Self-Management & Coping Strategies in Isolation: Online Service Delivery
11:45–13:15 ET
 Moderator: Jennifer Stinson; Speaker: Romy Parker
Novel COVID-19 Pain Syndromes — Evidence from Translational Basic and Clinical Research
13:30–15:00 ET
 Moderator: Lars Arendt-Nielsen; Speaker: Rajesh Khanna, Theodore Price
Impact of the Pandemic, on Funding, Conducting, and Publishing Clinical Trials, Epidemiological Studies, and Basic Science Research
10:00-11:30 ET
 Moderator: Brian Walitt; Speaker: Daniel Clauw
Living with Pain — A Long COVID Patient Perspective and How Clinicians Can Help
11:45–13:15 ET
 Speakers: Harriet Wilkinson, Deepak Ravindran, Kerry Thornhill, Karen Matthews
Pain and COVID-19 across the Globe — Disparities within and between Countries on Infection Prevention, Vaccination, and Access to Healthcare
13:30–15:00 ET
 Moderator: Abrahão Baptista; Speakers: Marion Choinière, Elena Enax-Krumova, Santosh Chaturvedi
By May 14, 2021 13:34

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