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IASP PAIN: Volume 156, Issue 12, December 2015

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In Memoriam Jean-Marie Besson 1938 to 2014
Bouhassira, Didier; Villanueva, Luis


Should we use gabapentin for postoperative pain control?
Fletcher, Dominique; Martinez, Valéria

Importance of knowing your stimulation paradigm: methodological considerations on laser-evoked pain responses in rats and humans
Hess, Andreas

PAIN Pictured

Diversity of composition and function of sodium channels in peripheral sensory neurons
Dib-Hajj, Sulayman D.; Waxman, Stephen G.

Topical Review

Men, masculinity, and pain Editor’s Choice
Keogh, Edmund

Research Paper

Predictive factors for the development of persistent pain after breast cancer surgery
Andersen, Kenneth Geving; Duriaud, Helle Molter; Jensen, Helle Elisabeth; Kroman, Niels; Kehlet, Henrik

Quality assurance for Quantitative Sensory Testing laboratories: development and validation of an automated evaluation tool for the analysis of declared healthy samples
Vollert, Jan; Mainka, Tina; Baron, Ralf; Enax-Krumova, Elena K.; Hüllemann, Philipp; Maier, Christoph; Pfau, Doreen Barbara; Tölle, Thomas; Treede, Rolf-Detlef

Chloride dysregulation and inhibitory receptor blockade yield equivalent disinhibition of spinal neurons yet are differentially reversed by carbonic anhydrase blockade
Lee, Kwan Yeop; Prescott, Steven A.

Analgesic and sedative effects of perioperative gabapentin in total knee arthroplasty: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled dose-finding study
Lunn, Troels Haxholdt; Husted, Henrik; Laursen, Mogens Berg; Hansen, Lars Tambour; Kehlet, Henrik

Was it a pain or a sound? Across-species variability in sensory sensitivity Editor’s Choice
Hu, Li; Xia, Xiaolei L.; Peng, Weiwei W.; Su, Wenxin X.; Luo, Fei; Yuan, Hong; Chen, Antao T.; Liang, Meng; Iannetti, Giandomenico

A phase 3, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, safety, tolerability, and efficacy study of Xtampza ER in patients with moderate-to-severe chronic low back pain
Katz, Nathaniel; Kopecky, Ernest A.; O’Connor, Melinda; Brown, Robert H.; Fleming, Alison B.

Heightened cold pain and pressure pain sensitivity in young female adults with moderate-to-severe menstrual pain
Slater, Helen; Paananen, Markus; Smith, Anne J.; O’Sullivan, Peter; Briggs, Andrew M.; Hickey, Martha; Mountain, Jenny; Karppinen, Jaro; Beales, Darren

Roles of prefrontal cortex and paraventricular thalamus in affective and mechanical components of visceral nociception
Jurik, Angela; Auffenberg, Eva; Klein, Sabine; Deussing, Jan M.; Schmid, Roland M.; Wotjak, Carsten T.; Thoeringer, Christoph K.

Histamine H4 receptor activation alleviates neuropathic pain through differential regulation of ERK, JNK, and P38 MAPK phosphorylation
Sanna, Maria D.; Stark, Holger; Lucarini, Laura; Ghelardini, Carla; Masini, Emanuela; Galeotti, Nicoletta

Learned control over spinal nociception reduces supraspinal nociception as quantified by late somatosensory evoked potentials
Ruscheweyh, Ruth; Bäumler, Maximilian; Feller, Moritz; Krafft, Stefanie; Sommer, Jens; Straube, Andreas

Protein kinase C gamma-mediated phosphorylation of GluA1 in the postsynaptic density of spinal dorsal horn neurons accompanies neuropathic pain, and dephosphorylation by calcineurin is associated with prolonged analgesia
Miletic, Gordana; Hermes, Jessie L.; Bosscher, Georgia L.; Meier, Brenton M.; Miletic, Vjekoslav

The influence of offset analgesia on the onset and offset of pain in patients with fibromyalgia
Oudejans, Linda C.J.; Smit, Jeff M.; van Velzen, Monique; Dahan, Albert; Niesters, Marieke

Involvement of peripheral artemin signaling in tongue pain: possible mechanism in burning mouth syndrome
Shinoda, Masamichi; Takeda, Mamoru; Honda, Kuniya; Maruno, Mitsuru; Katagiri, Ayano; Satoh-Kuriwada, Shizuko; Shoji, Noriaki; Tsuchiya, Masahiro; Iwata, Koichi

Preoperative dexamethasone reduces acute but not sustained pain after lumbar disk surgery: a randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled trial
Nielsen, Rikke V.; Siegel, Hanna; Fomsgaard, Jonna S.; Andersen, Johnny D.H.; Martusevicius, Robertas; Mathiesen, Ole; Dahl, Jørgen B.

Somatosensory assessment and conditioned pain modulation in temporomandibular disorders pain patients
Kothari, Simple Futarmal; Baad-Hansen, Lene; Oono, Yuka; Svensson, Peter

Inhibition of the primary sensorimotor cortex by topical anesthesia of the forearm in patients with complex regional pain syndrome
Strauss, Sebastian; Grothe, Matthias; Usichenko, Taras; Neumann, Nicola; Byblow, Winston D.; Lotze, Martin

Conditioned place preference and spontaneous dorsal horn neuron activity in chronic constriction injury model in rats
Dalm, Brian D.; Reddy, Chandan G.; Howard, Matthew A.; Kang, Sinyoung; Brennan, Timothy J.

Wnt/Ryk signaling contributes to neuropathic pain by regulating sensory neuron excitability and spinal synaptic plasticity in rats
Liu, Su; Liu, Yue-Peng; Huang, Zhi-Jiang; Zhang, Yan-Kai; Song, Angela A.; Ma, Ping-Chuan; Song, Xue-Jun

Randomized, double-blind, comparative-effectiveness study comparing pulsed radiofrequency to steroid injections for occipital neuralgia or migraine with occipital nerve tenderness
Cohen, Steven P.; Peterlin, B. Lee; Fulton, Larry; Neely, Edward T.; Kurihara, Connie; Gupta, Anita; Mali, Jimmy; Fu, Diana C.; Jacobs, Michael B.; Plunkett, Anthony R.; Verdun, Aubrey J.; Stojanovic, Milan P.; Hanling, Steven; Constantinescu, Octav; White, Ronald L.; McLean, Brian C.; Pasquina, Paul F.; Zhao, Zirong

Role of brainstem serotonin in analgesia produced by low-intensity exercise on neuropathic pain after sciatic nerve injury in mice
Bobinski, Franciane; Ferreira, Tamara A.A.; Córdova, Marina M.; Dombrowski, Patrícia A.; da Cunha, Cláudio; Santo, Caroline C. do Espírito; Poli, Anicleto; Pires, Rita G.W.; Martins-Silva, Cristina; Sluka, Kathleen A.; Santos, Adair R.S.

Construct validity and reliability of a real-time multidimensional smartphone app to assess pain in children and adolescents with cancer
Stinson, Jennifer N.; Jibb, Lindsay A.; Nguyen, Cynthia; Nathan, Paul C.; Maloney, Anne Marie; Dupuis, L. Lee; Gerstle, J. Ted; Hopyan, Sevan; Alman, Benjamin A.; Strahlendorf, Caron; Portwine, Carol; Johnston, Donna L.

Increasing placebo responses over time in U.S. clinical trials of neuropathic pain
Tuttle, Alexander H.; Tohyama, Sarasa; Ramsay, Tim; Kimmelman, Jonathan; Schweinhardt, Petra; Bennett, Gary J.; Mogil, Jeffrey S.

Clinical Note

Contributions of physical function and satisfaction with social roles to emotional distress in chronic pain: a Collaborative Health Outcomes Information Registry (CHOIR) study
Sturgeon, John A.; Dixon, Eric A.; Darnall, Beth D.; Mackey, Sean C.


Importance of quantifying indirect effects from mediation analyses
Lee, Hopin; Hübscher, Markus; McAuley, James H.

Further verification by bootstrapped mediation analyses that pain catastrophizing modulates pain report but not spinal nociception: a reply to Lee, Hübscher, and McAuley
Rhudy, Jamie L.; Terry, Ellen L.



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