IASP: PAIN Reports, Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2016

IASP: PAIN Reports, Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2016


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September 2016 – Volume 1 – Issue 3

pp: e571-e573

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Cancer and Palliative

A novel lozenge containing bupivacaine as topical alleviation of oral mucositis pain in patients with head and neck cancer: a pilot study

Mogensen, Stine; Treldal, Charlotte; Sveinsdottir, Kolbrún; Jensen, Kenneth; Kristensen, Claus A.; Mogensen, Torben S.; Petersen, Janne; Andersen, Ove


Headache and Orofacial

Multivariate classification of pain-evoked brain activity in temporomandibular disorder

Harper, Daniel E.; Shah, Yash; Ichesco, Eric; Gerstner, Geoffrey E.; Peltier, Scott J.



Disentangling opposing effects of motivational states on pain perception

Geuter, Stephan; Cunningham, Jonathan T.; Wager, Tor D.


Basic Science

Identification of an epidermal keratinocyte AMPA glutamate receptor involved in dermatopathies associated with sensory abnormalities

Cabañero, David; Irie, Takeshi; Celorrio, Marta; Trousdale, Christopher; Owens, David M.; Virley, David; Albrecht, Phillip J.; Caterina, Michael J.; Rice, Frank L.; Morón, Jose A.

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