IASP: PAIN, November 2017

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IASP: PAIN, November 2017



November 2017

IASP Council Adopts Task Force Recommendation for Third Mechanistic Descriptor of Pain
The term “nociplastic pain” aims to temper ambiguity in perceptions of pain.

IASP Day at FEDELAT Congress Extends Latin America Outreach
Meeting in Bolivia brings World Congress sessions to doorstep of those for whom travel is a challenge.

“Drawings of My Pain” Exhibition in Portugal Calls Attention to Childhood Pain
Exhibition to travel to Portuguese hospitals in 2018 to promote comprehensive pain management in children and adolescents.

Colombia Congress Focuses on Pain After Surgery, Use and Abuse of Opioids
Participants in 26th Congress addressed a wide range of topics in Bogota in September.

Three IASP-Affiliated Pain Schools Seek Applicants
The North American Pain School (Canada) opens its applications process on December 15 for its 2018 classes. The European Pain School (Italy) will accept applications on November 20. And the International Pain Summer School in South America (Chile) closes its application process on November 30. These pain schools are unique educational and networking experiences for the next generation of basic science and clinical pain researchers.

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Join us for the 17th World Congress on Pain! Special early registration is now open, and discounts are available for IASP members. Register today!

Call for Topical Workshops Coming Soon
Topical workshops are opportunities to learn the latest approaches to pain management and care. Any IASP member may propose a workshop. Choose from several new workshop formats. Here’s how to submit your proposal.

Apply Now for an Award to Attend the World Congress
IASP honours select young investigators and delegates from developing countries with awards to recognize the independent scholarship and excellence in the field of pain. Each award includes free registration and travel expenses. Recipients must be IASP members. Submit your application by December 15.

Submit Your Proposal for a Satellite Symposium
Satellite symposia allow in-depth multidisciplinary presentations and discussions on specific areas of research or educational topics. Any IASP member may propose a symposium.

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IASP: PAIN, November 2017 9

IASP Journals

IASP: PAIN, November 2017 9

Global Year Against Pain After Surgery

2017 Global Year Against Pain After Surgery

Download the Fact Sheets for the 2017 Global Year Against Pain After Surgery. Translations of these Fact Sheets are available in ArabicFrenchGermanHungarianItalianJapaneseMandarinPolishPortugueseSpanish, and Thai.

The British Journal of Pain has devoted special coverage to pain after surgery, with free access to these articles through the end of the year.

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IASP: PAIN, November 2017 9

IASP Pain Research Forum

Pain Research Forum (PRF)

A Flatworm to the Rescue
Noxious heat avoidance in planarians linked to activation of TRPA1 by reactive oxygen species

Nocebo Effects and Pain: What’s the Cost?
“Expensive” inert treatment produces greater nocebo hyperalgesia than “cheap” version

A Chemogenetic Approach to Alleviating Neuropathic Pain
Activation of an engineered ion channel silences sensory neurons, reverses allodynia in mice

Catching Up With the 2017 North American Pain School Visiting Faculty: A Conversation With John Farrar

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RELIEF News Pain Research News, Insights, and Ideas

Kids In Pain
Research is showing how kids hurt—and how to help.

Pain 101: Looking to the Brain to Understand Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain Conditions
The idea of “FM-ness” is helping doctors to diagnose patients and come up with effective treatment strategies.

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IASP: PAIN, November 2017 9

SIG and Chapters Corner

Don’t miss these opportunities to network with your colleagues at the following meetings. Join the conversation and receive special registration rates as a SIG member. Learn more about IASP SIGs and sign up today. View all upcoming SIG meetings.

Pain and Placebo SIG
Register for the Placebo Symposium 2017, November 17-18, in Sydney, Australia, held in conjunction with the University of Sydney.

Non-Human Pain SIG
Register for the 2017 Pain in Animals Workshop, November 29-30, in Bethesda, Md., USA. (Note: The SIG on Pain and Pain Management in Non-Human Species has been renamed the Non-Human Pain SIG.)

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