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IASP PAIN, June 2021

June 2021
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We have reached the halfway mark of 2021, and a lot is happening at IASP. I hope you all enjoyed the outstanding scientific sessions and poster presentations from researchers around the globe. Thank you for participating in this long-awaited event. As a reminder, recorded sessions will be available on-demand until 25 June. After which, it will be available on the IASP Pain Education Resource Center (PERC).

As we move into July, IASP will continue to deliver live virtual events. The three-day, nine-session program discovering the latest on COVID-19 and Pain is taking place 20-22 July. We invite you to mark your calendars for the free CE/CME course, focused on uniting the pain community in education and understanding COVID-19 and pain.
Finally, we are already preparing for the IASP 2022 World Congress on Pain in Toronto, 19-23 September. Submissions for refresher courses and hands-on workshop proposals are open until 12 July. This is an excellent opportunity for you to contribute to shaping the education around pain research at the largest gathering of pain professionals from around the world.
I look forward to seeing you at future IASP events.
Claudia Sommer, MD
Submit a Data Blitz Abstract Proposal by 1 July
Submit a abstract proposal for a five-minute Data Blitz poster presentation during a webinar series happening in Sept., Oct., or Nov., Co-hosted by IASP PRF and NeuPSIG.
Submit a Abstract Proposal for a Refresher Course and Hands-On Workshop by 12 July
IASP is accepting abstract proposals for the 2022 World Congress on Pain, 19-23 September, Refresher Courses and Hands-On Workshops. Help shape the scientific program on education around pain research at the Congress.
Get a Real-Life View of the ICD-11 Chronic Pain Classification and Help Test the Study
We invite you to be the first pain specialists to test a decision algorithm aimed to guide individuals through ICD-11 criteria. You will be able to interact with virtual patients and tell us which ICD-11 diagnoses they have. This allows you to see the new ICD-11 diagnoses at work while testing the algorithm.
This study describes a new digiceutical platform merging spinal cord stimulation with immersive virtual reality that enhances neuromodulation-induced analgesia in patients with chronic pain.
Early life stress exposure in male mice results in bladder hypersensitivity, increased urine output, and urogenital mast cell degranulation. Voluntary wheel running normalized these outcomes and increased brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression and neurogenesis in the hippocampus.
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Starting next month, IASP members receiving the printed version of PAIN will also receive a printed supplement, Reporting the Outcomes of the IASP Presidential Task Force on Cannabis and Cannabinoid Analgesia, this collection of articles is also available online.
PAIN Reports, Volume 6, Issue 1, is available online and features Clinical Trials of Pain Treatments, COVID-19 and Pain, and Neuroimmune Interactions in Chronic Pain
Jimmy Barus, MD, PhD
Jimmy Barus, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia/St Carolus Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr. Barus has worked in the pain field for five years, and his specialty is Neurology/General Neurology. Dr Barus has been an IASP member for more than 13 years and attended the IASP 2018 World Congress on Pain in Boston.
Podcast: A Deep Dive into the Fear—Avoidance Model of Pain, with Johan Vlaeyen
In this episode, Dr. Vlaeyen talks with Guillaume Christe, at student at Haute Ecole de Sante Vaud, Lausanne, Switzerland, to discuss the development of the fear-avoidance model of pain.
Podcast: The Pain Beat (Episode 7) — Brain Imaging of Pain in People: What Have We Learned? Where Are We Going?
In this episode, we gathered an international group of researchers to discuss brain imaging of pain in humans and focus on how studies of expectation and the placebo effect have advanced our understanding in this area.
An Interview with Robert Dworkin. At the 2021 Virtual World Congress on Pain, IASP presented awards to honor the achievements of up-and-coming as well as more established investigators. In advance of the meeting, we spoke with each of the award winners.