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President’s Message

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2021 Global Year About Back Pain, where we focus on bringing together the global community of researchers, clinicians, those living with pain, and the general public to better understand the nature of back pain and the utility of available treatment modalities. Supporting IASP’s mission of working towards global pain relief, this year’s theme seeks to identify barriers and solutions for improving back pain across the spectrum, from prevention to diagnosis to management across all age groups.
As pain professionals, our duty is to communicate pain prevention and treatment methods to patients and the general public, ensuring proper and adequate care of those suffering from back pain. We have the obligation to equip patients with tools to manage their pain and to improve their quality of life.
Patient engagement has been a priority in IASP’s strategy. The Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates (GAPPA), integrated into various IASP activities, will be an essential element of Global Year events, incorporating those living with pain. 
Geared towards researchers, clinicians, and back pain sufferers, the exciting lineup of 2021 Global Year resources includes fact sheets, webinars, events, and more. Additionally, PAIN and PAIN Reports will highlight Global Year themed articles throughout the year. All Global Year content is free, and I encourage you to share it.
We have strategically improved engagement with 94 IASP chapters, and I invite you to participate in their initiatives. By distributing IASP materials,
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translating resources into your local language, hosting an event, or contributing to webinars or resources, you will support the powerful impact of the 2021 Global Year About Back Pain campaign.
Sharing advancements and knowledge in back pain prevention and treatment is critical to improving pain relief. I look forward to seeing how the 2021 Global Year About Back Pain manifests in IASP’s 48th year of working towards global pain relief.
Claudia Sommer, MD

Attend IASP’s First Data Blitz at the IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo
Join colleagues on 28 January for live sessions and our first Data Blitz, a series of short talks covering a bite-sized bit of research. LEARN MORE
IASP PRF Correspondents Program
Apply for the IASP PRF Correspondents Program
Gain the knowledge, skills, and best practices needed to communicate science effectively. Applicants must be IASP trainee members. LEARN MORE
Special Issue on COVID-19 and Pain
View the new PAIN Reports collection of articles on COVID-19 and pain, with many more articles to come. LEARN MORE
IASP Member Survey
Take our survey and let us know how we can ensure our offering reflects the needs of the global pain community. The survey only takes 10 minutes, and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 3 prizes! The survey closes 22 January. LEARN MORE
Contribute to 2021 Global Year About Back Pain
Share your expertise! Submit a webinar proposal or resource for the 2021 Global Year campaign. LEARN MORE
Announcing a New IASP Chapter
The IASP Executive Committee has approved the United States Association for the Study of Pain (USASP) as the United States chapter of IASP. LEARN MORE
Happy New Year
Read a special message from Claudia Sommer, MD, IASP President, and Colleen Eubanks, CAE, CEO, on the exciting year ahead. LEARN MORE

PAIN, January 2021
PAIN Journal
Thank You, PAIN Reviewers!
On behalf of the Section Editors of PAIN, Editor-in-Chief Francis Keefe acknowledges and thanks all the reviewers who have given their time and expertise to review articles for the journal. READ MORE

PAIN Reports, November/December 2020
Thank You, PAIN Reports Reviewers!
David Yarnitsky, Editor-in-Chief, PAIN Reports, on behalf of the Section Editors, would like to thank all the reviewers who have provided their time and expertise to review articles for the journal this year. READ MORE
Pain Reports

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IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo

IASP is turning the spotlight on members! Get to know your global colleagues, how they’re working towards global pain relief, and what the association means to them. 
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Simone Vigneri
Lauren Atlas, PhD
Lauren Atlas, PhD, is a Clinical Investigator at the National Institutes of Health (NCCIH, NIMH, NIDA) in the United States. Her specialty is pain neuroimaging, psychology, and placebo analgesia and she has been in the pain field for 14 years. Lauren has been an IASP member for the last two years and has attended one World Congress.
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