IASP PAIN, February 2021

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President’s Message

As an association dedicated to supporting your commitment towards pain relief worldwide, IASP provides multiple grants and fellowships, helping you fund research and projects that advance your career. The opportunity to receive funding from IASP grants happens once a year; therefore, I encourage you to take advantage of three open grant applications:
  • IASP Early Career Research Grants: Support researchers in the early career stage of pain investigations with US$20,000. Applications close 25 March.
  • IASP Developing Countries Grants: Support improvements of essential pain education for clinicians in developing countries with up to US$10,000. Applications close 8 April.
  • IASP Collaborative Research Grants: Support collaborative research between two or more research groups located in different countries with up to US$15,000. Applications close 15 April.
For recipients, these grants not only aid in their pain relief efforts but continue to affect future research and projects, establishing a foundation for discovering new efforts and connections around the world. IASP continues to look forward to supporting our members throughout another year of working towards pain relief. Apply for a grant today!
Claudia Sommer, MD

IASP 2021 Virtual World Congress on Pain
Save the Date: IASP 2021 Virtual World Congress on Pain
IASP is excited to announce the IASP 2021 Virtual World Congress on Pain will take place 9-11 June and 16-18 June 2021. LEARN MORE
2021 Global Year About Back Pain
Help Support 2021 Global Year About Back Pain
Use our media kit, including logos and shareable graphics, to elevate the conversation about back pain and help spread the word about 2021 Global Year About Back Pain. LEARN MORE
IASP PRF Seminar
IASP PRF Seminar: Ask Me Anything Featuring Allan Basbaum, PhD
Register for the upcoming IASP PRF Seminar on Tuesday, 23 February, to ask your questions. LEARN MORE

PAIN, February 2021
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Australian Pain Society
Australian Pain Society
The Australian Pain Society (APS) was established in 1979 as the Australian Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). Many early IASP Councillors were Australians who were integral in the formation of our chapter. Over the years, many APS members have fulfilled roles within the IASP council and working groups, and we remain actively represented to this day.

The IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo provides live & on-demand access to 20+ CE/CME-accredited scientific presentations, 450 posters, six networking lounges, a Data Blitz, an interactive expo hall, and more!
Win a Free One-year IASP Membership
Earn badges and make the leaderboard by completing specific tasks. The top three people who earn the most points by the end of the Virtual Series on Pain & Expo will win a free one-year membership. LEARN MORE
IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo

IASP is turning the spotlight on members! Get to know your global colleagues, how they’re working towards global pain relief, and what the association means to them. 
Interested in participating in the program? Contact Us
Simone Vigneri
Marc Russo, MD
Dr. Marc Russo, MD, is the Director at Hunter Pain Specialists in Australia. His specialty is pain medicine, and he has been in the pain field for 22 years. Marc has been an IASP member for the last 21 years and has attended the IASP World Congress on Pain seven times.
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