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Message From the IASP President

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How should we define pain in 2019? Currently, IASP defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.” This definition was derived from a 1960s definition by Harold Merskey and colleagues. As research, understanding, and inclusion of pain has grown, so must our interruption and definition, which is why in November of 2018 the IASP Council provided the Definition of Pain Task Force with the following direction:
  • Consider additional feedback regarding the proposed changes to the definition of pain and the notes section as submitted in November
  • Consider a process to solicit feedback from IASP members and/or the broader community regarding the proposed changes to the definition of pain and notes section
We are very much aware that whatever proposal we come up with will generate a lot of relevant discussions. The Definition of Pain Task Force has been very efficiently headed by Prof. Srinivasa Raja, and I would like to use this opportunity to thank the entire Task Force for all their hard work and commitment to fulfill their charge. Following many constructive discussions, the Task Force proposed a new definition which states that pain is “an aversive sensory and emotional experience typically caused by, or resembling that caused by, actual or potential tissue injury.” the accompanying notes section can be found here.
As IASP values inclusion and transparency and believes a public examination of our work is vitally important to our mission, we are asking the pain community to submit comments on the proposed new definition of pain. Your feedback will help inform further discussions around the finalization of the definition. I urge IASP members to not only provide their honest feedback, but I also invite you to share this announcement with colleagues, students, healthcare consumers, and other stakeholders. Visit the IASP website to read our new definition and submit your comments.
Thank you for your help and continued support of IASP.
Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Dr. Med., PhD


Definition of Pain
IASP’s Proposed New Definition of Pain Released for Comment
The IASP Definition of Pain Task Force has released a new proposed definition of pain and is seeking public comment. The proposed new definition of pain is the result of careful discussion, review, and participation from all Task Force members and incorporates initial feedback from IASP members and other stakeholders.  READ MORE
Vinko Palada
Vinko Palada, PhD, Named the 2019 Recipient of Bonica Trainee Fellowship 
IASP is pleased to announce that Vinko Palada, PhD, of Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) is the 2019 recipient of the John J. Bonica Trainee Fellowship. This Trainnee Fellowship was established in 1998 to honor IASP’s founder. The honor includes up to a total of USD $100,000 over two years.  READ MORE
Pain After Surgery in Vulnerable Patients: Acute Pain SIG Symposium in Valencia 
Join the Acute Pain SIG in Valencia, Spain on 3 September 2019 for a symposium with PAIN OUT that discusses pain after surgery in vulnerable patients. The symposium takes place prior to the 11th Congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC). READ MORE
Cannabis and Pain Expression of Interest Form
Become a citizen scientist as part of an IASP Presidential Task Force! This is a great opportunity to develop your professional skills and advance your career as a researcher by reviewing studies in which cannabinoids were tested for antinociceptive effects. SIGN-UP TODAY
Chronic Pain Recongized In New Diagnostic Codes Under ICD-11
The World Health Organization (WHO) has adopted ICD-11, the latest revision of its International Classification of Diseases, including a new classification system for chronic pain. The new classification system for chronic pain was based on extensive research and data collected over the last six years by an International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Task Force, chaired by IASP Past President and WHO Liaison, Rolf-Detlef Treede, Dr. Med. LEARN MORE


Editor’s Choice Articles: PAIN August 2019 PAIN Journal
PAIN Reports: Special Issue on Innovations and Controversies in Brain Imaging of Pain  PAIN Reports
This special issue of PAIN Reports brings together 14 papers from leaders in the field of acute and chronic pain. The collection of opinions and reviews includes the topics of pain models in animals, brain functional and structural set points, brainstem, use of non-invasive brain stimulation, study methods for chronic pain using brain imaging, development of pain management approaches, and more.


2019 Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable
IASP has committed its 2019 Global Year Against Pain to the theme of Pain in the Most Vulnerable. Its scope focuses on four patient groups identified as particularly high risk for inadequate assessment and management: pain in children, older adults, survivors of torture and war, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Global Year – Webinar Series 
IASP is offering a free quarterly webinar series as part of its 2019 Global Year on Pain in the Most Vulnerable Populations. Mark your calendar, the next webinar will be on 24 September at 11:00 am ET (UTC/GMT -4) discussing Pain in Dementia with experts from Germany, The Netherlands, and the United States. LEARN MORE
placeholder_209296.jpgAs an IASP member, you have exclusive aaccess to on-demand continuing education through the IASP Pain Education Resource Center (PERC).
View past IASP World Congress recordings, webinars, and more. Plus, earn CMEs!
Featured Resource
Sex Differences in Chronic Pain: Mechanistic Insights from Humans and Animals PERC Resource
Upon completion of this session, attendees will:
  • have an increased understanding of pathogenic mechanisms that differentially influence chronic pain development in women and men
  • be able to identify key biological mediators (that are potential novel therapeutic targets) of chronic pain that are sex-dependent
  • have an increased appreciation for including male and female animals/participants in future and on-going studies


IASP World Congress Award Applications Open 28 August IASP 2020 World Congress on Pain
Prizes range from USD 2,500- 10,000 and include assistance with registration and travel expenses to the IASP World Congress on Pain in Amsterdam. Applications close 23 October 2019.
Call for Topical Workshops Opens 26 August





Acute Pain Pre-EFIC Event: Pain After Surgery in Vulnerable Patients
3 September 2019 | Valencia, Spain
Hosted by the IASP Special Interest Group on Acute Pain.

EFIC 2019 | 11th World Congress of the European Pain Federation
4-7 September 2019 | Valencia, Spain
The congress of the European Pain Federation gives access to leading lecturers and a scientific program consisting of the latest evidence-based and best-practice-based medicine in all relevant disciplines in the field of pain management.

Annual Scientific Meeting on Pelvic Pain | IPPS 2019
17-20 October 2019 | Toronto, Canada 
The IPPS Annual Meeting provides practitioners and researchers with an expanded and topical understanding of the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and research of disorders associated with chronic pelvic pain. 

New Zealand Pain Society Conference 2020
19-21 March 2020 | Bay of Island, Northland, New Zealand

The 2020 Conference provides the opportunity to gather, discuss, learn, and share knowledge, evidence, best practices, and debate to assist with providing up to date approaches to this challenging area of health care. Part of the focus of “Making the Connection” will be looking at and sharing ways to deliver services to Tangata Whenua and also to people outside of main centres in areas where specialists are not available and where access can be a challenge. International speakers will bring their expertise along with a wide range of clinicians and researchers based in New Zealand.

South Africa Pain Society
29-31 May 2020 | Cape Town, South Africa
The annual PainSA congress is a unique opportunity to interact and learn from health care professionals from many different fields. It is a truly interdisciplinary congress that allows for discussion, debate, and networking with others who have a keen interest in pain both acute and chronic pain and management thereof.

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