IASP PAIN, August 2018

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IASP PAIN, August 2018 15

August 2018

 IASP President Judith A. Turner, PhDThe World Congress on Pain is now less than one month away! As you plan your Congress schedule, I hope you will plan to attend the General Assembly on Sunday, September 16, at 10:45 a.m. We have a packed agenda that includes reports from the President, President-elect, Treasurer, CEO, and Editors-in-Chief of our publications.

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IASP PAIN, August 2018 16 IASP News

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Apply Today for Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning & Change in Japan
Requests for proposals to stimulate pain education efforts throughout Japan.

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Download your digital badge!Have you downloaded your digital badge yet? If you’re registered for the World Congress, IASP invites you to download your choice of three digital badges to post or pin on your social media platforms, informing others that you’ll be in Boston and eager to connect. Choose from “I’m Attending,” “I’m Speaking,” and “I’m Presenting.”

Boston is eager to host all World Congress attendees as part of its ongoing tradition as a world-class destination for health care innovation and meetings. As Massachusetts Governor Charles Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito indicate in this welcome letter.

The ever-popular IASP Bookstore in the Exhibition Hall will offer 19 important pain science titles, including four new book releases. Take a #IASPCongress selfie, browse the latest literature, and invest in resources for your personal professional library.

Follow the #IASPCongress conversation!It takes a village—an IASP Village, that is! Stop by the Exhibition Hall to visit the new “village” describing all things IASP. Watch and join in live tweeting on the #IASPCongress hashtag on a large Twitter screen. Learn about IASP Chapters and Special Interest Groups. Read updates on the latest funding opportunities of IASP grants, fellowships, and awards. Renew or join IASP, and pick up a special PAIN supplement. Take a selfie by a big map showing the international scope of IASP’s influential membership. Come visit us!

Visit the new IASP Innovation Lab for a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts and participate in short presentations on important topics in a unique and informal environment. Stay tuned for more details. Come be a part of these free interactive sessions!IASP Innovation Lab at the World Congress on Pain

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IASP PAIN, August 2018 16 2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education

2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education Webinar SeriesGlobal Year for Excellence in Pain Education Webinar Series

Including Qualitative Research in Pain Education
This webinar introduces attendees to the 2018 IASP Global Year Qualitative Resource, an eBook titled “Including Qualitative Research in Pain Education”.

Abdominal and Pelvic Pain: Scientific Progress Vis-à-vis Clinical Evaluation and Management
This webinar provides a scientific update with clinical relevance on abdominal and pelvic pain against a backdrop of current basic research.2018 Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education

View all upcoming webinars.

Learn more about the Global Year for Excellence in Pain Education. 

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IASP PAIN, August 2018 16 IASP Journals

PAIN JournalDid you know? Single sign-on allows you to login to painjournalonline.comwith your IASP username and password. The benefit of single sign-on is that you have a better online reading experience and increased security, while reducing the need to remember multiple passwords.

The August PAIN cover illustrates EPSP&IPSP, an original acrylic painting by Section Editor, Kathleen A. Sluka. This painting shows a cross section of synapses in the central nervous system. The excitatory synapses (EPSP: excitatory postsynaptic potentials) are depicted in red transmitting neurochemicals from the presynaptic axon terminal to the postsynaptic dendrite. The inhibitory synapses (IPSP: inhibitory postsynaptic potentials) are depicted in blue. The summation of inhibitory and excitatory potentials determines if the cell is activated. The gray areas are a non-active zone.

Editor’s Choice articles from the August issue of PAIN

Wind-up in lamina I spinoparabrachial neurons: a role for reverberatory circuits

Cognitive impairment in a rat model of neuropathic pain: role of hippocampal microtubule stability

Patients with chronic pain exhibit a complex relationship triad between pain, resilience, and within- and cross-network functional connectivity of the default mode network

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PAIN ReportsDid you hear? PAIN Reports has been accepted for indexing in SCOPUS and in PubMed Central. Have you checked out the new “Subjects” page on the PAIN Reports website? Click on the subject heading to see the complete list of articles published in each of the 14 topics.

Articles from the July/August issue of PAIN Reports

Editor’s Choice: Pain relief by supraspinal gabapentin requires descending noradrenergic inhibitory controls

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IASP PAIN, August 2018 16 IASP Pain Research Forum & RELIEF News

Pain Research Forum (PRF)

Endogenous Opioid Peptides and Non-Peptide Opioid Drugs Drive Different Patterns of Receptor ActivationEndogenous Opioid Peptides and Non-Peptide Opioid Drugs Drive Different Patterns of Receptor Activation
Nanobody biosensor reveals that peptides activate opioid receptors first at the plasma membrane and then in endosomes, while drugs also propel activation in the Golgi apparatus

Volunteer Recruitment for Experimental Pain Research: A Note of Caution
A recent study suggests the presence of sampling bias in human pain studies, but the effects are modest

When a Career in Pain Research Is Also a Serious Hobby: A Conversation with Allan Basbaum
North American Pain School visiting faculty member Allan Basbaum discusses cell transplantation as a possible pain treatment, the projects he is working on now, and much more

The Future of Clinical Trials of Pain Treatments: A Conversation with Ian Gilron
Listen to our podcast with 2018 North American Pain School visiting faculty member Ian Gilron

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RELIEF News Pain Research News, Insights, and Ideas

Expectations Versus Reality: Spinal Surgery Does Not End Opioid Use for PainExpectations Versus Reality: Spinal Surgery Does Not End Opioid Use for Pain
A new study reports that fewer than one in ten patients on long-term opioids before their operation discontinue the drugs post-surgery.

Opioid Drugs Work Differently Than Natural Opioids
A new study offers a reason why opioid drugs have more powerful effects than the body’s own morphine-like chemicals. The research could influence future pain drug development efforts.

Studying Low Back Pain in Animals—and Treating It Too
Researchers use a new “biomaterial” to ease intervertebral disc pain in rats

Danger Zone: How the Nervous System Encodes Pain, Hunger and Other Threats
Nerve cells in a brain region called the PBN help animals prioritize threats and behave appropriately.

Stay Away! How Animals Avoid Extreme Temperatures
A trio of proteins detects painful heat, according to a new study in mice.

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