PainSA is a chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain. Our mission is to improve all aspects of pain management in Southern Africa.

IAHPC Hospice Palliative Care News Digest, February 2020

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Message from the Chair and Executive Director  Winners of 15 Traveling Scholarships for the Latin American Congress of Palliative Care are announced. Also, we are starting to implement IAHPC’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

Policy and Advocacy  Dr. Katherine Pettus describes her experience traveling to the Czech Republic for hip surgery.

First-prize poster winner Claudia Virdun


  • IAHPC funded three prizes at the International Palliative Care Network Poster Exhibition. Meet the winners & read their poster abstracts.
  • How many members applied for Traveling Scholarships & Fellowships in 2019? A synopsis of our year-end stats.
  • IAHPC’s free, online advocacy course: details, and where it can take you!
  • To The Unknown God, a movie about finding meaning in life, through dealing with death.
  • 26 new definitions added to Pallipedia
  • What’s New in the IAHPC Calendar
Participants at a CHDSMP conference in Cameroon.

Progress Report — Cameroon.

Feature  Board Member Julia Downing on the integral role of nurses to improve global health and advance Universal Health Coverage

IAHPC Book Review  Dr. Roger Woodruff reviews the Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care, Third Edition.

Lessons from the Literature

UNDER MY MICROSCOPE  IAHPC Research Advisor Dr. Tania Pastrana with an article on the association between palliative care and hospital intensive care units.

MEDIA WATCH: GRIEF & BEREAVEMENT  Barry Ashpole’s selection of journal articles and a list of resources, including two thematic issues published in 2020 on grief & bereavement.

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