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IAHPC Hospice Palliative Care News Digest, December 2020

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Message from the Chair and Executive Director  There has been much to be thankful for during this difficult year.

Policy and Advocacy  A civil society dialogue with the WHO on palliative care and the COVID-19 response draws over 250 people.


The team at Asociacion Panameña de Cuidados Paliativos.


IAHPC News & Calendar

  • Congratulations to Asociacion Panameña de Cuidados Paliativos (Panama Association of Palliative Care), our 2020 Loyalty Recognition Award winner.
  • Membership Award winner asks that prize money be used to fund a Traveling Scholar.
  • 20% off your IAHPC membership until Dec. 31!
  • IAHPC rated a “Great Nonprofit”

Our Global Directory: Pie chart shows geographic makeup

  • Great idea!  A book by patients shares their favorite things.
  • Reminder  COVID-19 briefing notes & webinars a lasting resource
  • In other news  Applications open for fellowship for online program tailored to PC managers; Keralty earns awards for excellence.
  • What’s new in the calendar

Grants in Action  What can a virtual congress do for you, your team, your students, your patients? Our Traveling Scholars tell you, in their reports on the EAPC World Congress.

Dr. Spence


Featured Story  Dr. Dingle Spence relates the Jamaica experience of cannabis, a plant used as medicine for hundreds of years.

IAHPC Book Reviews

Palliative Care Book of the Month INTEGRATED PALLIATIVE CARE OF RESPIRATORY DISEASE. 2nd ed.  The integration of the ethos, knowledge and skills of palliative care for patients with progressive respiratory disease.

DEATH IS BUT A DREAM: Finding Hope and Meaning at Life’s End  About pre-death dreams, written for patients and caregivers, but raising interesting questions for us.

CHAPLAINS AS PARTNERS IN MEDICAL DECISION-MAKING: Case Studies in Healthcare Chaplaincy  Some case studies to emphasise the importance of the role of chaplains in medical decision making.

PERINATAL PALLIATIVE CARE: A Clinical Guide  Every aspect of care for pregnancies in which there is a life-limiting fetal condition.

NEONATAL PALLIATIVE CARE FOR NURSES  Covers both perinatal and neonatal palliative care.

CARING FOR THE FAMILY CAREGIVER: Palliative Care Communication and Health Literacy  A family caregiver typology identifying four distinctive kinds of caregiving.

Lessons from the Literature

Under My Microscope  Orphan symptoms and their impact on quality of life is highlighted in this month’s selection by IAHPC Research Adviser Tania Pastrana.

Media Watch: General Practitioners  Primary care physicians’ issues are the focus of this month’s list of articles selected by Barry Ashpole.

Drs. Stakitani and Abu-Obah

Membership Matters

  • IAHPC Members: Who are they? A snapshot in pie chart form.
  • Members’ Impact celebrates your successes. This month: a monograph on 2 pandemics, and the first nurse in Palestine with a PhD in palliative care.
  • New & Renewing Members’ List

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