EPM: August 2018 Newsletter

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EPM: August 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2018 mid-year Essential Pain Management Newsletter. We have information on resources, recent workshops and upcoming events.

EPM Governance
ANZCA and the WFSA held their first EPM steering group video conference recently. We hope to use this relationship to promote EPM more widely (especially in Africa). A joint approach to publicity, funding, evaluation and delivery of EPM will allow expansion of pain education across the globe.

EPM around the world Africa
The UK team at the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ Faculty of Pain Medicine are partnering with St Mary’s Hospital, Lacor and Kumi Hospital in Uganda and the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists to run a 12 month Tropical Health Education Trust (THET) funded EPM project. The project includes running workshops and evaluating their impact.

United Kingdom
EPM is going from strength to strength in the UK and is now embedded within a national framework. This work is being led by the EPM Advisory Group (UK) (chair – Clare Roques) whose remit includes work in Africa, and reports to the UK Faculty of Pan Medicine (part of the Royal College of Anaesthetists) providing program credibility and structure. UK lead (Mike O’Connor) and a deputy (Helen Makins), are ably supported by the Faculty through Daniel Waeland (Head of Faculties) and Claire Driver (Faculties Administrator).

Approximately 50% of the UK Medical Schools (18/32) with various degrees of long-term stability use EPM. EPM is also expanding into Hospital Trusts through their pain teams. The first tranche of regional leads have recently been appointed as formal FPM roles, 8 initially but ultimately there will need to be 15 – 30.

A submission (at almost-final-draft-stage) is being developed for the UK General Medical Council – which oversees both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

The Pacific
In January, three one-day EPM workshops were held in Kiribati. A total of 56 participants from a variety of disciplines in the health workforce were involved in the pain management training. EPM instructor workshops had previously been held in 2014 and 2016 in Kiribati and on this visit, the local EPM instructors were very involved in the training and were able to demonstrate their excellent knowledge and facilitation skills in this area.

EPM Lite continues at University of Auckland, and has now also been taken up by the Fiji National University and National University of Samoa.
In May an EPM ‘refresher’ was taught in Tonga, and trips to Cook Islands and Samoa took place, with work being done around EPM and palliative care.

EPM was run in Suva, Fiji in June which concentrated on training all anaesthetic registrars and supporting the new Pain Team that has been set up in Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Suva.

EPM will be run in Papua New Guinea in July for hospital staff at Angau Hospital in Lae and EPM Lite for medical students in Madang. There will be an emphasis on training instructors.

New Zealand
EPM Lite is being introduced for medical students in Christchurch which is one of the 3 University of Otago clinical schools (along with Dunedin and Wellington). Two EPM Lite courses are planned for October for fourth-year medical students. It will be a collaborative effort between Palliative Care and Anaesthesia. This will be an annual event.

South America
There is an upcoming EPM course being run by Argentinian EPM instructors in September in Bariloche, Neuquén, Argentina during the 45th Annual Argentina Anesthesia Congress. EPM steering committee member Carolina Haylock-Loor will be there to collaborate.

EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 1

EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 2EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 3

EPM Application – updateEPM: August 2018 Newsletter 4
The EPM Application for the iOS and Android platforms is being updated and a new version will be sent out for beta testing soon.
Updates include a revamped and expanded formulary and some new resources. The ability to get feedback from the user is also being considered.
The current version of the EPM app for both iPhone and Android is available for downloading. Search for <essential pain management> in the App Store or Google play.

EPM profiles Kate Davis
Kate works as a policy officer at ANZCA and has been working with the EPM team since JunEPM: August 2018 Newsletter 5e 2016. Kate’s work in EPM includes the management of EPM Facebook, data and funding grants. Kate’s background is in health promotion having previously worked on health promotion projects at the British Columbia Medical Association, Vancouver and the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Kate is currently studying for her Master of Public Health. 

Anthony Wall
Anthony joined ANZCA as a Senior Policy Advisor in July 2017, working in ANZCA’s community EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 6development portfolio (overseas aid and Indigenous health), as well as workforce and the college’s Specialist Training Program (Australian government grant program to increase training in non-traditional settings). Anthony previously worked in health workforce planning with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and Rural Health Workforce Australia, and prior to this he worked as a research and evaluation consultant for the healthcare industry in Australia.

EPM workshops reported in the last six months 

Summary acknowledging the programs and instructors involved in reported EPM workshops during the last six months:

EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 7

Please note, only programs reported using the online tool are acknowledged here.

EPM resources availableEPM: August 2018 Newsletter 8
The following resources are available on the EPM website to use during and after courses and in the promotion of EPM.

EPM flyer– The flyer has general information about EPM

EPM reference bookmark (updated) – The bookmark outlines the RAT acronym on one side and has the Faces Pain Scale on the other

EPM promotional videos – The following short videos are available for viewing and promoting EPM

  • EPM in Argentina – In this video, instructors and participants at an EPM course in Argentina discuss the EPM program and why it works so well (with English subtitles).EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 9
  • Alu’s Story – This video follows anaesthetic registrar Alu Kali from Papua New Guinea as he participates in the Essential Pain Management (EPM) courses.
  • EPM in PNG – In this video EPM instructors and participants in Papua New Guinea discuss how the program works and why there is a need for such a program in PNG and across the world.

EPM App – The EPM app for both iPhone and Android is available for downloading. Search for <essential pain management> in the App Store or Google play.

EPM workshop material

  • 1-day workshop manual – the second edition is now available in both English and French
  • 1-day course slide set – the second edition is now available in both English and French
  • EPM Lite course manual second edition (updated March 2017)
  • EPM Lite course slide set second edition (updated March 2017)EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 10

The following course material is available on request to epm@anzca.edu.au

  • 1-day course instructor manual
  • EPM Lite course instructor manual
  • EPM completion certificates
  • EPM Pre and post-test sheets
  • EPM evaluation spreadsheet

EPM: August 2018 Newsletter 11The EPM Facebook page regularly has EPM updates and articles of interest, photos and course reports. Please follow, like and encourage EPM participants to take a look at the Essential Pain Management Facebook page.


Collaboration EPM is fortunate to receive ongoing financial support from ANZCA, the ASA, the Ronald Geoffrey Arnott Foundation, WFSA, RACS  and the ANZCA Research Foundation

Courses delivered by the EPM UK Working Group have been funded by Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Foundation and The Royal College of Anaesthetists.

If you know anyone who would be interested in this newsletter please feel free to pass it along.

If you would like to be added to or removed from our mailing list please contact us at epm@anzca.edu.au


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