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Continuing education in pain management: using a competency framework to guide professional development

Much has been written about the importance of formally integrating pain management education into undergraduate and professional preparation programs to adequately prepare beginning practitioners for clinical practice.

In recent years, a competency-based approach has been put forward as a mechanism for achieving this outcome

In the main, these developments have been primarily directed at prelicensure pain education,24 and relatively little has been published on how competence in pain management over time is maintained and the role of continuing professional development (CPD) in a post-licensure.

Whether CPD is mandated or not, by a professional body or regulatory authority, participation in such activity is viewed as a necessary component of competent professional practice: from an individual perspective in terms of keeping up to date with knowledge advances and changes to clinical practice and an institutional perspective in terms of improved health outcomes for patients

In relation to managing something as common as back pain, for example, it has been found that practising physicians who simply reported an interest in the topic were significantly less knowledgeable about the best evidence-based approaches compared with those who had recently completed formal CPD on the topic


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