2020 Call for Submissions: Symposia & Hands-On Workshops

IASP 17th World Congress on Pain in Boston

Submit a Symposium or Hands-On Workshop Proposal for the IASP 2020 World Congress on Pain!

IASP is now accepting proposals for symposia and hands-on workshops for the IASP 2020 World Congress in Amsterdam. As an IASP member, you’re invited to submit!


Symposia allow for in-depth and multidisciplinary presentations and discussions on a single, specific research or educational topic in the pain field.

The Scientific Program Committee reviews all applications for Symposia with a view toward the quality of the proposed scientific program. Symposia may be rejected if they do not comply with the general concepts or requirements described in the Symposia Guidelines, or if they have low-quality scientific programs, duplication of major IASP World Congress sessions and events, or duplication of topics among Symposia themselves.

Symposia can be proposed by IASP Special Interest Group (SIG) leaders or IASP members.

2020 Call for Submissions: Symposia & Hands-On Workshops 1

Hands-On Workshops:

Hands-on practical workshops provide attendees with opportunities to practice the latest methods and gain hands-on experience in order to better understand and apply the techniques learned in the workshops. Hands-on workshops are typically comprised of four stations with one or two faculty members per station.

Hands-on workshops can be proposed by IASP members and nonmembers.

2020 Call for Submissions: Symposia & Hands-On Workshops 1

The deadline to submit a symposium or hands-on workshop is 10 May 2019.

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