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PRF Newsletter: World Congress on Pain Scientific Program is Now Available

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Coming Soon: Call for Applications for the 5th IASP-PRF Virtual Correspondents Program
Untitled_design_(88)_2254928.png As IASP and PRF work to conclude the current cycle of its Virtual Correspondents Program, an open call for applications to participate in its newest iteration will be coming soon. This program provides early-career investigators with the knowledge, skills, and best practices needed to communicate science effectively to a wide range of stakeholders. Be sure to stay tuned to PRF in the coming weeks for more information.


2022 World Congress on Pain Scientific Program is Now Available

Search the Scientific Program and register to attend the largest global gathering of pain professionals. The World Congress on Pain’s Scientific Program includes:
• Topical Workshops
• Basic and Clinical Science Sessions
• Plenary Sessions
• Virtual Program
• SIG Symposia
• Refresher Courses
• Hands-On Workshops
• Speakers, Bios, and Session Descriptions

Register for the 2022 World Congress on Pain Virtual Program

Attend World Congress online, everywhere. Registration for the 2022 World Congress on Pain Virtual Program is now open.
Virtual Program Attendees will have access to:
• The President’s Address
• All Plenary Lectures
• Select Topical Workshops
• Select Basic and Clinical Sessions
• Poster Sessions
• Exhibitors
• Attendee Networking

Register for Pre-Congress Events 

SIG Symposia: Provide attendees with an in-depth exploration of their specific discipline, including recent discoveries and the latest in research developments in their area of interest.
Refresher Courses: Provide attendees with opportunities to learn the latest information on an array of topics that are critical to the study of pain.
Hands-On Workshops: Provide attendees with opportunities to practice the latest methods and gain hands-on experience to better understand and apply the techniques learned in these workshops to their working practice.


Ultra-low frequency nerve stimulation effectively blocks nerve conduction, causing a remarkable reduction in chronic pain in patients with low back pain.

Aidan Cashin, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and the Centre for Pain IMPACT at Neuroscience Research Australia, is the recipient of IASP’s 2022 Ronald Dubner Research Prize. Here, Aidan chats with PRF about his training as an exercise physiologist and the gaps that need to be addressed regarding current pain treatments.

Sarah D’Angelo is a passionate advocate for patient education and increasing empathy among caretakers, care providers, and the general public for chronic pain. Here, Sarah speaks with PRF about her lived experiences with pain, her role as a pain advocate and scientist, and how these two roles can co-exist amidst the challenges they present.


Each week, PRF editors curate their weekly selection of papers from the basic science, translational and clinical pain research literature, and highlight a few papers of particular interest. These Editors’ Picks can be found here. Two Editors’ Picks from this past month of great value to the PRF community are:

Hill RZ, Loud MC, Dubin AE, Peet B, Patapoutian A
Nature. 2022.

Gao Y, Ma R, Weng W, Zhang H, Wang Y, Guo R, Gu X, Yang Y, Yang F, Zhou A, Cheng J, Chen Z-Y, Zhu MX, Li Y 
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