IASP: PAIN, March 2017, Volume 158, Issue 3

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IASP: PAIN, March 2017, Volume 158, Issue 3

IASP: PAIN, March 2017, Volume 158, Issue 3 4

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PAINIASP: PAIN, March 2017, Volume 158, Issue 3 5

March 2017 – Volume 158 – Issue 3

pp: 367-537

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Nurse gender and its influence on emergency department triage—upsides and downsides of registry data

Osterhoff, Georg

How does physical activity modulate pain?

Law, Laura Frey; Sluka, Kathleen A.


Topical Review

Neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury: the impact of sensorimotor activity

Nees, Timo A.; Finnerup, Nanna B.; Blesch, Armin; Weidner, Norbert


Research Paper

How nurse gender influences patient priority assignments in US emergency departments

Vigil, Jacob Miguel; Coulombe, Patrick; Alcock, Joe; Stith, Sarah See; Kruger, Eric; Cichowski, Sara

Physical activity behavior predicts endogenous pain modulation in older adults

Naugle, Kelly M.; Ohlman, Thomas; Naugle, Keith E.; Riley, Zachary A.; Keith, NiCole R.

Psychosocial factors predict opioid analgesia through endogenous opioid function

Burns, John W.; Bruehl, Stephen; France, Christopher R.; Schuster, Erik; Orlowska, Daria; Buvanendran, Asokumar; Chont, Melissa; Gupta, Rajnish K.

Development and validation of a short-form Pain Medication Attitudes Questionnaire (PMAQ-14)

Elander, James; Said, Omimah; Maratos, Frances A.; Dys, Ada; Collins, Hannah; Schofield, Malcolm B.

Health utilities in people with chronic pain using a population-level survey and linked health care administrative data

Hogan, Mary-Ellen; Taddio, Anna; Katz, Joel; Shah, Vibhuti; Krahn, Murray

Dorsal root ganglion neurons become hyperexcitable and increase expression of voltage-gated T-type calcium channels (Cav3.2) in paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy

Li, Yan; Tatsui, Claudio Esteves; Rhines, Laurence D.; North, Robert Y.; Harrison, Daniel S.; Cassidy, Ryan M.; Johansson, Caj A.; Kosturakis, Alyssa K.; Edwards, Denaya D.; Zhang, Hongmei; Dougherty, Patrick M.

Conditioned pain modulation in patients with nonspecific chronic back pain with chronic local pain, chronic widespread pain, and fibromyalgia

Gerhardt, Andreas; Eich, Wolfgang; Treede, Rolf-Detlef; Tesarz, Jonas

Preprotachykinin A is expressed by a distinct population of excitatory neurons in the mouse superficial spinal dorsal horn including cells that respond to noxious and pruritic stimuli

Gutierrez-Mecinas, Maria; Bell, Andrew M.; Marin, Alina; Taylor, Rebecca; Boyle, Kieran A.; Furuta, Takahiro; Watanabe, Masahiko; Polgár, Erika; Todd, Andrew J.

A mouse model for chronic pain-induced increase in ethanol consumption

Butler, Ryan K.; Knapp, Darin J.; Ulici, Veronica; Longobardi, Lara; Loeser, Richard F.; Breese, George R.

Intraoperative ketamine reduces immediate postoperative opioid consumption after spinal fusion surgery in chronic pain patients with opioid dependency: a randomized, blinded trial

Nielsen, Rikke Vibeke; Fomsgaard, Jonna Storm; Siegel, Hanna; Martusevicius, Robertas; Nikolajsen, Lone; Dahl, Jørgen Berg; Mathiesen, Ole

Biased interpretations of ambiguous bodily threat information in adolescents with chronic pain

Heathcote, L.C.; Jacobs, K.; Eccleston, C.; Fox, E.; Lau, J.Y.F.

The role of nociceptive input and tissue injury on stress regulation in borderline personality disorder

Willis, Franziska; Kuniss, Sarah; Kleindienst, Nikolaus; Naoum, Janina; Reitz, Sarah; Boll, Sabrina; Bohus, Martin; Treede, Rolf-Detlef; Baumgärtner, Ulf; Schmahl, Christian

Brain activity for tactile allodynia: a longitudinal awake rat functional magnetic resonance imaging study tracking emergence of neuropathic pain

Chang, Pei-Ching; Centeno, Maria Virginia; Procissi, Daniel; Baria, Alex; Apkarian, A. Vania

Clinical assessment of the impact of pelvic pain on women

Chalmers, K. Jane; Catley, Mark J.; Evans, Susan F.; Moseley, G. Lorimer

Bifunctional peptide-based opioid agonist/nociceptin antagonist ligand for dual treatment of nociceptive and neuropathic pain

Lagard, Camille; Chevillard, Lucie; Guillemyn, Karel; Risède, Patricia; Laplanche, Jean-Louis; Spetea, Mariana; Ballet, Steven; Mégarbane, Bruno

Biomarkers of neuropathic pain in skin nerve degeneration neuropathy: contact heat-evoked potentials as a physiological signature

Wu, Shao-Wei; Wang, Yi-Chia; Hsieh, Paul-Chen; Tseng, Ming-Tsung; Chiang, Ming-Chang; Chu, Chih-Pang; Feng, Fang-Ping; Lin, Yea-Huey; Hsieh, Sung-Tsang; Chao, Chi-Chao

Reasons for discontinuation of long-term opioid therapy in patients with and without substance use disorders

Lovejoy, Travis I.; Morasco, Benjamin J.; Demidenko, Michael I.; Meath, Thomas H.A.; Frank, Joseph W.; Dobscha, Steven K



Are placebo pills presented as experimental treatment a true placebo?

Mestre, Tiago A.; Ferreira, Joaquim J.

Placebo and chronic low back pain: too much in way of expectations, too little in terms of data

Braillon, Alain


Carvalho, Claudia; Kirsch, Irving; Kaptchuk, Ted J.

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