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IAHPC Hospice Palliative Care News Digest, March 2021

IAHPC Hospice Palliative Care News Digest, March 2021Participants met the challenge of a virtual Walk for Life this year by walking in small groups, or singly. See CanSupport’s report on the event in News. Photo courtesy of CanSupport. Used with permission.

Table of Contents

Message from the Executive Director  When a polar vortex hit Liliana De Lima’s home, the resulting chaos brought palliative care to mind.

Policy and Advocacy  Dr. Katherine Pettus reports on many advocacy opportunities, from Canberra to Kazakhstan.

Guest Advocacy Column  Recommendations from the Kazakhstan palliative care conference.

IAHPC News & Calendar

Dr. Caroline Karugu, Kenya’s Palliative Care Ambassador

  • 10 IAHPC scholarships for online EAPC World Congress
  • Save the Date: A members-only screening and discussion of Caregiver: A love story on March 26th
  • Highlights of CanSupport’s Walk for Life
  • Great idea! A palliative care “ambassador” in Kenya
  • In other news: Apply for a 2021 EAPC researcher award; launch of Children’s Palliative Care Education Standards Framework; WHO guidance on management of chronic pain in children; a resource for paramedics in palliative care situations.
  • What’s New in the IAHPC Calendar

Dr. Lukas Radbruch

Featured Story  Dr. Lukas Radbruch describes two examples of attempted suicide that throw the issues of medically assisted suicide and patient autonomy into sharp relief.

IAHPC Book Reviews  by Dr. Roger Woodruff

Palliative Care Book of the Month  DEATH BY APPOINTMENT: A Rational Guide to the Assisted Dying Debate  A very good discussion regarding the proposals for the legalisation of assisted dying in the United Kingdom.

PALLIATIVE AND END OF LIFE CARE FOR PARAMEDICS A well-ordered and informative introduction to palliative care.

SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE AND END-OF-LIFE CARE A look at various aspects of terminal illness and bereavement from the social work perspective.

WORKING WITH DEATH AND LOSS IN SHIATSU PRACTICE: A Guide to Holistic Bodywork in Palliative Care A Japanese touch therapy to complement what we do in palliative care.

DEATH AND DYING: Sociological Perspectives Issues to do with death and dying from a sociological perspective.

THE FIRST CELL: And the Human Costs of Pursuing Cancer to the LastIt’s meant to be about a radically new approach to the detection and treatment of cancer, but…

Something Different THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING A well-written account of author Joan Didion’s journey through the first 12 months of grief and bereavement.

Lessons from the Literature

Under My Microscope  IAHPC Research Advisor Dr. Tania Pastrana choses a study on the effectiveness of two treatments for anorexia for people with advanced cancer.

Media Watch: Research in LMICs  Barry Ashpole selects articles from low- and middle-income countries on: virtual learning to boost pediatric care, grief after death of a child, and a scoping review of community health workers in palliative care.

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