PainSA is a chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain. Our mission is to improve all aspects of pain management in Southern Africa.

IAHPC Hospice Palliative Care News Digest, December 2021


“At the pain management and palliative care centre all doctors speak gently to me! They give me the courage and strength not to give up. I trust them.” Photo by Christina Vazou, in Greece, submitted to the IAHPC Photo Contest. Used with permission.

Table of Contents

Message from the Executive Director  An end-of-year message.
Policy and Advocacy  Wonderful news! Dr. Katherine Pettus reports on the UN’s adoption of a Resolution on Rights of Older Persons that mentions the inclusion of “palliative care” 4 times: a huge payoff after years of advocacy. Also: 2 new WHO guidances on health systems/palliative care; advocacy for access to medicines; and IAHPC at the WHA.
Guest Advocacy  Victoria Diehl of Costa Rica explains why she became an Advocacy Focal Point for IAHPC.

The final reports from IAHPC Scholars on the EAPC World Congress in October.

“We must reclaim a vision that considers the most vulnerable human beings as the moral and legal equals of those who have power over them.”
—See Quotable, in the News section.

Grants in Action  Reports from IAHPC Scholars (from Bolivia, Brazil, India, Italy, and Malawi) who attended the European Association for Palliative Care’s 17th World Congress in October.

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  • Quotable: Professor of theology Charles Camosy
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    News from our members  A free Webinar series on children’s palliative care topics; CanSupport’s 25th anniversary!; Cameroon documentary on pediatric palliative care now on YouTube / Documentaire sur les soins palliatifs pédiatriques au Cameroun sur YouTube

  • Pallipedia: New definitions & Top 10
  • What’s New in the IAHPC Calendar
  • New Listings in the IAHPC Global Directories
Dr. Dingle Spence


Featured Story  IAHPC Board Member Dingle Spence on the potential of using psilocybin, a psychedelic, to relieve symptoms at the end of life.

App Review  ICOPE (Integrated Care for Older People) is reviewed by Dr. Romayne Gallagher.
Lessons from the Literature
Under My Microscope  IAHPC Research Advisor Dr. Tania Pastrana selects an article on barriers to research trials.
Media Watch: Dementia  Barry Ashpole selects articles from his weekly report, Media Watch.

Dr. Robert Twycross

Meet Some of Our Lifetime Members  An interview with Dr. Robert Twycross on his “first 50 years.”
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